• @Zyxel_Cooldia Hello! Thank you very much IPsec is coming up. In your config I changed only "esp=3des-sha1! left=%any".IPsec is up. But how to connect L2TP? The new ppp0 interface does not rise for me. 
  • Hi Tobias. The article is suitable for connecting via the GUI. I used this article to connect Ubuntu 20.04, everything works, everything is ok. At the moment I need to make a non-GUI connection for Ubuntu Server 20.04. Therefore, the article does not fit the solution of my question.
  • Hi Tobias. Yes, port 1701 is specified in Configuration-Object-Service. I have previously made connections to the L2TPoverIPsec tunnel through the standard Win10 and Ubuntu 20.04 cores through the GUI. Everything works, everything is ok. But running L2TPoverIPsec on Ubuntu server 20.04 (without GUI) fails.
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