• It means that unnecessarily (hidden) wifi networks are kept active. This results in possible additional interference in the EM-spectrum and also unnecessary use of power (equals costs) by the M1 router and satellites. Although I don't really know and can't really proof, the performance of the mesh network may be negatively…
  • My M1's are yet on firmware V1.00(ABZF.5)C0. Is this firmware version unstable? I now wonder what the best/latest stable firmware is, and how do I get that FW in my M1s.
  • Ethernet backhaul can perfectly mixed with other network devices. I also have 3pack Multy M1 and use wired backhaul while several devices are connected via the same network, using M1's as combined access point/switches - no problems! In you topology I think that the mistake is to have 2 M1s connected to ISP Router. Just…
  • @Zyxel_Jerry; Today I reset everything from scratch (factory reset) after I noticed that the satellites had an IP adress outside the domain.Initially I had set up via the Web GUI only and changed IP-address of the main WSM20 unit to and adjusted the pool accordingly. The later added satellites got appropriat…
  • My experience is exactly the same as chinchin79. In reaction to comment: I know there is a buttons to hide the LED, but that only works if light is steady green, not when blinking - this blinking remains visible no matter the position of the led-button.
  • I have the same issue. All is working well, but main router and two satellites continue blinking green. Both WebGUI as Multy app show no issues. No issue visible in logs. Latest firmware is installed. Performing installation does not solve it. It is quite annoying in the living room and bedrooms! Please provide solution.
  • I support this idea also to be implemented for Multy M1 (WSM20). 
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