• Hello and please forgive me for my late response. I've sent the feedback from another e-mail, because my default android app for e-mail is connected with google account. How can you track the feedback? Via sender's e-mail or via subject? P.S. I still have the same problems :(
  • Hello again. I sent the feedback, on the Multy APP, few days ago. Where should I check for the response? In the Multy APP?
  • Hello Zyxel Jerry, I just wanted to thank you and also leave a comment for others, that it worked - switching to WPA3-PSK Mix fixed my problems with printers. I've tried to switch to WPA3, but not all the devices worked fine. WPA3-PSK Mix did the job for all printers/scanners etc… …But… I still have problems with devices…
  • Hello Zyxel! - have you found any solution for the problems with wi-fi? Especially with smartphones? My problems with "no Internet" on smartphones is a neverending story. Right now, I've got one router + one satellite installed. When on LAN cable, every device works fine. Laptops also work ok. But the mobile phones have…