• As migration should be mostly automated, I'm surprised the domain is currently serving a template Apache page. I was hoping it would be sorted by now
  • How do I proceed?Your "metarepository" link has been down for a while.
  • How odd. It doesn't actually say "v2" on the sticker for my unit but it was labeled as "v2" on the receipt. It seems you were right
  • My mind has been a bit fixated on the number 23 at work lately, hence the mixup. Sorry about that. (it's supposed to be 326 v2) But you still don't mention if the zip file is usable on v2 or just v1. 
  • Yes. I was hoping they would lead to a directory with the files for several devices, including my model. I can see a NAS326.zip file there, but I wonder if it's just for v1 or both v1 and v2. I also see some form of recovery tools, but I don't want to download the wrong things so I have not downloaded either. Where do you…
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