• just to add to this the issue I think though I can't confirm it with logging in is that the router allows you to forward port 443. So I'm getting the router log in page but the moment it switches to SSL/HTTPS I lose it. Maybe an idea to remove the ability to forward that port if you can't forward port 80.
  • It's alright. I'm sending it back. Even if I do gain root (which is pretty straight forward) if they stop supporting it and I have to do a factory reset the only way to set it up is by logging into their cloud. I'm also not sure how secure it is. I did a port scan and there are lots of ports open plus the SSL certificate…
  • Hi, Thanks for coming back to me. I did set a local password and could log in but for some reason now I can't. Not stopping the service for 3 years isn't an option really. Sure it's out of warranty but why would I keep something that could be a brick in 3 years time, I had my last router for 6 years. Also, I can't forward…
  • Zyxel. Please answer this as I will return it this week and make a point of letting everyone know how useless this router is.