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  • I've found the same on 2.4ghz, but 5 GHz almost gives full speed. Unfortunately Android phones no longer allow you to choose the band. This means the only way round it is to split the network. 
  • Seems to be the same with my wife's Sony XZ
  • Honor 9 running Android 8.0. Multy is quick enough to move me from 5ghz to 2.4 when going out of range which I'd expect but very rarely puts me back on to 5ghz when I'm back in range. 
  • Just seen in the FAQs that this does already exist. I'm quite surprised as my mobile is always being pushed to 2.4GHZ which is currently giving me 20mb on a 135mb connection, whereas 5GHZ givesme 100mb+. If I toggle off wifi and back on it will go back to 5GHZ.
  • Interesting results, yes it's the primary Multy. If I get the phone to connect on 5g the speed test goes off the scale to pretty much max. If I go back to 2.4g 20mb appears to be the max. I've rebooted the box and we're now on Channel 7 but no improvement. If I was selecting the channel I'd go for 10,11,12 or 13 as the…