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  • Hi all good so far, yes when it went you could no longer ping the router from wired connection, Wifi was fine though. Thanks for the help.
  • Hi, It's always been 1000M / Full and was when it stopped working. As I say I now have the new router which has been up for 4 days 15 hours so far so hope the issue was a dud router? Regards
  • Hi I have now plugged in the new router and so far in the past few days i've had one failure. Saying that 2 days have passed (fingers crossed) without issue. Sorry I dont understand what a WAN side bandwidth is ? Thanks
  • Hi Yes that is the correct router with the firmware 1.00(AAKL.21)C0 on it too. Yes Wifi seems to be Ok and is not effected but I work from home so a lot of traffic goes though the wired ports of the router, I would say with all the connected devices in the house about 20ish devices are wired up at peak times. Tonight it is…
  • Hi. I would also like to report this issue, Ive spent a lot of time getting to the bottom of this. The issue is 100% related to the routers network ports. I’m not sure if its getting over loaded but memory seems to be stuck at at least 60% I am also now using a TPLink switch box next to the router thinking that maybe…