• At the moment we are using SSL-VPN, but not L2TP/Ipsec and I was thinking about those unused rules only. We are not using Port Forwarding, so this is not a problem while logging everything for wan-to-lan which, by default, is already blocked (except for vpn ports) but only logging dropped packets, deny + log. In addition I…
  • * do you consider 1.5Mb/s a decent performance just for 2 connections? It is quite limiting considering we are not using 5 concurrent connections! * Is maybe L2tp/Ipsec better performing? * We do not need more connections, just good speed
  • The vpn connection (l2tp/ipsec) between home (client) and office (vpn server) is up with previous configurations, but you cannot ping or access any resources and it's not due to client's firewalling rules or missing routing, or chapv2, what could be missing?