• Can someone from Zyxel please give an update here? It must be more then me that have same problem? 
  • Ok same thing this morning, after turning off and on L2TP over IPSec VPN server in Nebula, yesterday it worked to connect from both android and windows 10.. now this morning when I tried to connect and also my colleague it doesnt work? I just clicked of in nebula for L2TP over IPSec VPN server and then saved, and then…
Ok, thanx, strange thing is that I just now turned off VPN in nebula and then turned it on and then I could connect again now.
Ok, thanx, strange thing, I just now turned off and on the VPN in nebula and then I could connect from my laptop to VPN.. it must be something with the firewall? Yesterday after reboot of firewall i could connect but not this morning.. and now when turning on and off firewall i could connect.. also checked link for…
  • Did you solve this problem? I have same problem with our Flex 100. It's really strange. We cannot connect from windows 10. It seems to be intermittent problem cause I have set up connection for several users this week and it works for a while then suddenly when you disconnect and try to connect i get same problem as thread…