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  • Hi AAAAL.Just for information, my external HDD is a 1 TB USB 3.0 Toshiba DTB310. My PC is connected through Ethernet cable to the router, but the transfer rate copying files to the hdd is as low as 500/600 Kbps. Is it a compatibility problem? I might try with a different hdd. Now that I've got the last firmware…
  • Hello.I've got the same issue here. The file transfer to the HDD connected to the USB port of the Zyxel is very slow. My PC is connected through Ethernet cable to the router, but copying files to the HDD with Windows Explorer takes ages. So I tried with an FTP Client (Filezilla), but this way the files are not copied…
  • I tried to add the path to my music on the external hdd, but I get the following message:"The path has been added to the library, but it cannot be shared."
  • You mean you are trying to access from mobile device use prefix https:\\
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  • To see the drive on the USB port you need to share the folders you want within the router setup page (USB service), then open windows explorer and insert the address \\\
  • Hi AAAAL.The firmware is V5.13(ABLZ.0)b10_20180319.I cannot change the path but the Media Server is visible on the WIndows Player, also the files on the root folder are visible anyway. I don't understand why the files included in the inner folders are not available (music, videos, etc.)