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  • Hi @CPF Yes, for security concern you can use 802.1x on the switchport to auth all traffic from the AP, and even better, have guest VLAN for unauthorized/malicious users. For configuration on GS1920, you may refer to…
  • Hi @EdRD Let's say you've set VLAN 20 on port 2, VLAN 30 on port 3 for the APs. Because only one PVID can be assigned to a port, you have to either set PVID 20 or 30 for port 1 in your case, and it will end up with one VLAN working, but not others. Workaround: Port 1 - VLAN 20 & 30, untagged-out, PVID 20 Port 2 - VLAN 20,…
  • Hi @SAdminLoser Thank you for the prompt reply. We've locally tested firmware upgrade for GS1910-24HP from 100AAAY4C0 to V2.00(AAAY.0)C0 and everything looks fine. The efficient recover way we have in mind is via console cable but your console seems dead at all. Unfortunately you may have to contact local service to repair…
  • Hi @SAdminLoser For starters, we must clarify which exact device you are using. We have GS1910 and GS1920 series of switches which are very different models, and their firmware is totally different. According to your description, have you mistakenly uploaded the wrong firmware file? Or just a typo? Zyxel_Lucious
  • Hi @blueprintcapital Unfortunately older switch models like GS1910 series cannot support the ZON utility. As for your issue, the solution depends on your situation. Situation 1. You have user account/password but don't know the management IP address of the switch. Solution: To find out the management IP address, prepare a…
  • Hi @Malibusa Yes, you can do the upgrade on your GS1900-48. Zyxel_Lucious
  • Hello @Huhie Because of certain background process running in normal operating, the memory usage 70% can be considered no problem on GS1900 series, don't worry about it! Sincerely, Zyxel_Lucious
  • Hi @a_different_username You can use our ZON utility https://www.zyxel.com/tw/zh/products_services/Zyxel-ONE-Network-Utility-ZON-Utility/ to change the management IP of your GS1900-8HP into a static IP 192.168.2.x so that you can login the Web-GUI with your PC. Zyxel_Lucious
  • Hi @MethosSK 1. If it's confirmed the exact topology you have and the IPTV stream is divided in VLAN2. I think it's not really necessary to have IGMP snooping in your environment, you can just let the multicast traffic flood in VLAN2 since this is a rather simple topology. 2. Unless the CPU & RAM usage always keeps very…
  • Hi @konrad Unfortunately GS1900-8HP doesn't support POE on/off via SNMP given the fact it's our entry level switch. You may have to switch PoE on/off via Web-GUI. In addition, you may consider our higher level switch series, such as GS1920v2-8HP which can support the feature you desire. Sincerely, Zyxel_Lucious
  • Hi @neverender Based on the description, you should simply use the USB to RS232 cable to connect console of the switch. 1. Have you tried another cable on the switch? Moreover, have you tried to use the console cable on another switch(device)? 2. Is your OS Win10? We've been reported certain cases with Win10 driver…
  • Hi @Philly777 Welcome to Zyxel Community! Based on your description, we have two solutions for you: 1. You can change the Router's IP (ex: so that you can access to the Web-GUI of the GS1900. 2. You can use our ZON Utility to scan the Zyxel devices and modify the IP of the GS1900. Hope it helps.…
  • Hi @tommy, Due to you created another discussion in regards of your question about GS1900-24E. We've provided the answer for you in that thread. Kindly have a look and let us know if any further question, thanks! Sincerely, Zyxel_Lucious
  • Hi @tommy, I will explain to you in English since we mainly use English here. For starters, have you linked any DHCP server to the switch? The switch in default is set as DHCP to get a dynamic IP if a DHCP server connected, and then the switch's IP will become static IP in when no DHCP server was found. We…
  • Hi @Dikki65 For starters we'd like to explain the difference between "Apply" and "Save". Apply means to make your change take effect. Save means to write your current configuration into the device memory so that you can get the same configuration after you reboot the device. In your case, after "change the IP-Address from…