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  • Hi @Fredderick Welcome to Zyxel community! From my understanding, you mainly would like to extend web session timeout for monitoring purpose, we suggest that you could configure HTTP/HTTPS session timeout via WEB GUI. The default value is 3 mins, you could extend it to maximum value 86400 mins (60 days). Best Regards, Arisa
  • Hi @WvandeHoef The counter etherStatsOverSizePkts only be used to record the packets which over 1518 bytes, those packets will not be dropped. Also, GS1900 supports jumbo frame up to 9K bytes. Therefore, etherStatsOverSizePkts increased will not impact voice quality. Best Regards, Arisa
  • Hi @tof4979 Welcome to Zyxel community! XS3700-24 supports to forward and route jumbo frame automatically, but please note that it cannot handle jumbo frames destined to the switch itself. Friendly reminder: we mainly discuss with you here using English ? Best Regards, Arisa
  • Hi @MoosDad Welcome to Zyxel community! GS1900 supports only standard https service port 443, it's unable to change to another port. For remote access switch from Internet (WAN side), most people setup port forwarding (redirect port 8443 to 443) on router in their network instead. For access switch locally (LAN side), we…
  • Hi @dmb We notice that CLV is enabled in your configuration, but CLV is designed for CLI command only. If you prefer to able to use both CLI and WEB together, we suggest that you could disable CLV, and use Zyxel command line. So that you could configure VLAN via WEB and CLI together. Thanks. Best Regards, Arisa
  • Hi @VictorZX The message indicated that switch is rebooted due to unknown reason, that's why switch needs to send trap zySysMgmtUncontrolledSystemReset after reboot finished. When the unexpected reboot occur you may need to collect the switch tech-support file and contact Zyxel for profession support. Best Regards, Arisa
  • Hi @VictorZX When switch detects unexpected reset which is not performed through management interface, such as WEB, CLI, SNMP..., it will send trap zySysMgmtUncontrolledSystemReset after system boot finished. Best Regards, Arisa
  • Hi @VictorZX Welcome to Zyxel community! The high alarm threshold/low alarm threshold of ddmi information depend on connected transceiver module. If you received any trap relates to ddmi, you can try to do some cross test, for example, plug this transceiver into other switch to see if same problem exist. If yes, we would…
  • Hi @imaohw Regarding the VLAN configuration on GS1910, please refer to following topic: If you have any other question about configuration on GS1910, please post it here and we will answer you 😃 Best Wishes, Arisa
  • Hi @Stampeder First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience you met. For GS-1910 series, instead of user guide, we provided dedicated document for introducing Web GUI enhancement since there is huge design change of Web GUI in v2.0 firmware. This document is included in v2.0 firmware package. I also attached here for…
  • Hi @ETech_Grimsby Welcome to Zyxel community! GS1920 supports two modes of LAG, static trunking and LACP. I would like to know which mode of LAG is configured on GS1920? From your test result of each case, it seems switch couldn't detect the disconnect between two wireless bridges if the cable of wireless bridge still…
  • Hi @Arty Welcome to Zyxel community! We suggest that you could use GS2210-8HP because it can fully meet your requirement. GS2210-8HP supports DHCP relay, DHCP option 82 functionality, and also support MAC authentication by Radius server. Here is user guide of GS2210-8HP, it will guide you how those functionalities work and…