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  • Hi @BobHere It is ok to block all the traffic from WAN to Zywall and only allow trusted source IPs because the source IP address could be recognized. But it will be better if only allow the usage ports. Joslyn
  • Hi @Antonio1976 As discussing via private message, SSL VPN works fine after adding an NAT rule on the router and adjusting the auth method. Thanks for your sharing. Joslyn
  • Hi @dpipro We can download the history logs from SecuReporter. The file will be compressed every day. Here is our license spec. If you are the normal user, the history logs will be save for 7 days. If you are the premium user, the history logs will be saved for 1 year.…
  • Hi @Antonio1976 Can you provide me the remote access and credential to your USG and create an SSL VPN user account for me to test? Please send it via private message. I will have a test for it. Joslyn
  • Hi @Antonio1976 Our security check will ask you to choose a country as the source address for the SSLVPN. This will be added into the firewall rule. Please have a look if all the VPN users are in the country. I guess your SSLVPN request has been blocked by the firewall rule. Just modify the Souce as any and have a test. If…
  • Hi @TheDoctor So far, we support UDP 514 port for the syslog server. If you need the encrypt funtion for the logs, we suggest to use SecuReporter which is using https protocol with port 443 to transmit the log data to the SecuReporter server. Joslyn
  • Hi @Jaan I tested upgrading the firmware from v4.63 to v4.64 and from v4.64 to v4.64, and Google Authenticator 2FA for admin access settings is sync between the firmware partitions. All the admin account with 2FA can login successfully after upgrading the firmware. About the "collect statistics", I tried several times to…
  • Hi @Antonio1976 I upgraded my VPN50 from v5.00 to v5.01, and the SSL VPN works fine. Since there is security check with v5.01, can you have a look if the SSL VPN users add the port after the IP address? If it still does not work, please provide me your configuration via private message. I will have a look for it. Joslyn
  • Hi @Jaan We can find the checksum via the official website. However, your suggestion is good to consider about adding the checksum into our firmware file. Thanks for your reminding for the 2FA issue. The authenticated accounts should be sync between the running and standby partition. About the "Collect Statistics", I…
  • Hi @Mear Please check if all the configurations are complete. 1. Go to CONFIGURATION > Network > Interface > Trunk. Ensure the cellular interface is Passive, and the default trunk is correct. Also enable "Disconnect Connections Before falling Back" which will terminate all the con-current sessions on the cellular interface…
  • Hi @MortenKnak Please connect the AP to the network and use ZON to scan if the AP is alive or not.https://www.zyxel.com/products_services/Zyxel-ONE-Network-Utility-ZON-Utility/ If the DHCP is fine but AP still cannot be reached, we suggest to send the AP back to RMA. You can contact with your reseller or let me know your…
  • Hi @MortenKnak Need your help to provide some information. 1. Can you help to confirm if the AP got enough power to work? 2. Did the AP get IP address successfully? Please change the power source and observe if the AP can bootup succesfully or not. Just let me know the result. Thanks. Joslyn
  • Hi @dkyeager 1) We used the first and second radio to scan the rogue AP. 2) The third radio is used to do zero-wait DCS/DFS. In the past, the AP must stop the WiFi service and used its radio to scan the channel. 3) "Rogue AP detection setting" is avaible for the AP mode which has different mechanism with MON mode. AP in…
  • Hi @allenm Accroding to your description, the LED status is flashing with orange and green. It meanse the AP is booting up or searching for the NCC/controller. If you used reset button, the LED status will be steady orange then flashing orange and green. Please let me know if you saw the steady orange LED. After that, here…
  • Hi @businessuer If you used the reset button, after around 10 seconds, the LED will be steady oranage then go to blink green and orange. It means the AP is starting to reset to default. If you want to apply the default configuration via GUI, please go to MAINTENANCE > File manager > Configuration File and apply the…