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  • Hello folks, I have tried the above suggestions from @WebberIT and @RUnglaube - nothing seems to work. I am starting to doubt my sanity. Internet comes through a Huawei E5172 mobile router with an ethernet socket, which if connected to a PC, hands out an IP address. I also have a ZyXel 24 port switch GS1900-24E. I have an…
  • Weird things happen at the router. When I connect the switch to router, the router does not give it an IP address. I tried linking MAC address of a switch port to a specific IP on router, but that didn't help either. It simply won't show up. The cable is OK
  • Thank you very much for the answers. I suspected VLAN, since not familiar with them. I tagged all my ports under one VLAN, should I give it a specific ID?