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  • 滿同意livealive的看法, 我自己喜歡訊號強的, 覆蓋範圍好的, 天線麻當然是3X3, 2.4G+5G 你也知道手槍怎麼厲害就是手槍, 我喜愛大砲!! 顆顆 這台目前網路上一致好評真心推薦. 另外合勤企業AP我也玩了很多年, 他們Smart Antenna技術滿厲害的, 不過是L2 bridge要搭配另外的 Gateway使用, 但是效能沒話說, 10人小case.…
  • You could install the AP as celling mount which has better signal and coverage. if you have more users in the location, you could deploy more APs and lower the output power, It could lower the interference and provide more wireless capacity. RSSI threshold is also important if lots of users and more APs in the area, you…
  • I had a similar case before, when I moved around my office, I saw it had ping lost suddenly, no matter cell phone or laptop, finally I found out I lost one of the VLAN setting of specific ports of switch, For me, it is more easier to check switch firstly.
  • Hi @WMichalski, I used to check the support model of NXC2500 and NXC5500 on product website, You could refer to the "Access Point Compatibility List".