• Any way to rollback to the 520 firmware in case the 542 freaks out :) ? I have managed to find online a copy of the firmware I have now on, despite the fact Zyxel completely delete all files for NAS520 from their FTP
  • @Mijzelf - in the end is this command below what was needed? I would like to upgrade by NAS520 to the latest Twonky and apparently for Zyxel the product is like non-existent. Has anyone tried running the below and upgrading to the latest 542 firmware - 521ABAG9C0 ? /firmware/sbin/mrd_model -s B403 
  • I actually discovered the same thing late last night after 2 days of destroying my nerves, entered here to post the solution for anybody else having the problem but yeah, your answer is spot on, thank you. Can confirm NAS540 folder and packages worked perfectly. All the best everyone.
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