• Good morning, that's exactly what I did during the first rancomware attack. I didn't think it was going to happen a second time, surely only NAS452 was hacked and attacked. Not that of another brand nor the 6 fixed stations either. I think the NAS is no longer secure enough to be left with an open port for an outside…
  • Good morning, After discussion for several days with the pirates, I found a satisfactory solution to have the decryption of the data. I even got the explanation of how they performed the encryption. And I confirm, the NAS452 DOES have a security CONCERN. This NAS will be quickly replaced by a synology much more secure (and…
  • Alas yes, had no other choice. I still backed up the corrupted data on an external HD, in case of a solution in the coming months, if that happens. I also plan to quickly resell this NAS which is no longer secure enough.
  • Hi, The only concern is that only Zyxel's NAS is affected and infected. Not the other NAS or the other 6 workstations. The only concern is that there is a fault on this one, for lack of response from the technical service which, on the pretext that now the equipment is no longer guaranteed, they have nothing to do with it.
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