• Now we are getting somewhere. I am not familiar with the settings you have mentioned.
  • I would assume that is a true statement. I can try that after hours. But that would only prove what I already know. Hence the additional rules to prevent cross talk between the rules. I just don't know why this started and if there is a better way to prevent.
  • No. Both LAN1 and LAN2 are plugged into the FLEX, but with different subnets, etc. They should be logically segregated. However, devices on LAN2 are getting IP addresses from LAN1. I have since added two rules. It is too soon to determine if they solved my issue. But I still have Internet access on both LANs. Source -…
  • I will have to check to see if that is happening. I should not have anything from my work network connected to the switch on my home network. There is definitely not anything from my home network connected to my work switch. My connections are supposed to be as follows. Internet → WAN1 LAN1 → Managed switch, but no…
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