• Yes, don't buy the NR2101 because it doesn't work and there is obviously no solution from Zyxel :-(
  • Is it possible to get that firmware ?????????? and no, version NR2101_2C000_3C000 from Dropbox does not work
  • When I use "Upgrade From Network" so it says "Your current version is up to date"and yes DHCP is enabledbut it does not help to try to install new firmware, for those things I have tested :-)
  • I get an error when I use the zip file: The uploaded file is incorrect. Please reselect one maybe because it's an old version on dropbox
  • YesThe problem is that when I log in, I get logon denied and then I come in.Number 2 error is that I do not get any IP address via the RJ45 connectorThat's why I'm thinking of trying to reinstall the firmware and if that doesn't help, then it could be a hardware error
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