• Hi Nami! I have put a watt meter between the power source and the switch and let it boot and settle for ten minutes and I measure 13 Watt. I then downgraded from 2.00(ABWE.0)C0 to 1.00(ABWE.3)C0 and let it boot and settle again. Then I measured 13 Watt. So… I don't know what happened before and perhaps it was not the…
  • Hi Nami, I have not yet had the window of opportunity to test. I appreciate your help and measurements and I have not forgotten you. I'm hoping on a maintenance window on Sunday march 3rd.
  • Thank you for testing and sharing @Zyxel_Nami ! @Zyxel_Nami and @mMontana I will put the switch on a power meter and do the downgrade in my next maintenance window. That will be in a couple of weeks I hope.
  • Hi Nami, is it safe and supported to switch back to firmware 1.00 from 2.00 ? I can't afford bricking the device :)
  • Hi Nami, I only updated the firmware that night. Behind the same UPS is a small server/NAS, a router, an access point and the XGS1250-12 switch. I already checked the server for extra CPU/IO load and it is acting normal (I also have SNMP and collectd monitoring on the server). The load on the (openwrt) AP is 0.07 so very…
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