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  • @Mijzelf Thanks, I'll try this the next days. But I guess it's a hardware problem. It does not 'sound' like a proper shutdown. I thought myself about some kind of micro drop, but I'm in southwest germany and no other device ever had a problem. As mentioned I already tryed an other power adapter with no success. So it seems…
  • @Rory No, haven't touched the power scheduling after the factory reset. Temperature should be ok, it's on 40°C constantly.
  • Thanks so far. I nearly thougt my problem is solved with the factory reset. But I just checked it: Resync was at 18% (64% when I checked last) and the protocol was clear with a new boot 7h after I made the factory reset. So factory reset didn't change anything for me :( More proposals what it could be/what I could do?
  • What's the best way to do a factory reset? Can I do it on the web interface (havent found something there). If I have to use Telnet, I need some how to :) Edit: Ah sorry ....just found the reset button on the back of the NAS o:)