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  • Thanks for your reply. So, I can jump directly to "USG 20W 3.30 BDR"? ....or am I already running it....inside the zip the file is named: "330BDR9ITS-WK48-r74988.bin"
  • Ok..here is what happened; since I was stomped and had NO clue as to what caused this problem (but alas; thought the Zyxel and vlans was to blame) I decided to plug the Linux-IoT directly into the LocB-XGFW (P6) and "hardcoded" the port 6 to and thereby bypassing the Zyxel alltogether. ....and it worked (or so…
  • @Mijzelf and @Zyxel_Chris - please do not use any more time trying to figure this out. It is now working! I will be posting back with my findings, what I can say is that there was NO problem with the Zyxel-switch. Ie; its now working without me doing any changes to it. More details soon.
  • @Mijzelf and @Zyxel_Chris I took out the IoT from P33 and plugged in my PC. I got IP and the LocA-WinSrv is NOT able to ping it Im afraid. I toned out and it is plugged in P38.
  • @Zyxel_Chris and @Mijzelf - thanks for your replies. The "LocB-LinuxIoT" has been tried in MANY ports, it is right now in P33 (I just used a "cable-toner-finder" just to make sure I am using the right cable and got this confirmed). The "LocB-XGFW" is in P1. The uplink to WAN is located in the "LocB-XGFW". Edit: Other…
  • The main problem is that (LocA-WinSrv) is unable to communicate with (LocB-LinuxIoT). As you can see the LocA-WinSrv is unable to ping any device in VID 1 except the SophosAP ( - but I suspect that the SophosFW routes it directly somehow (since I know theres "special communication"…
  • Wow...thank you for the detailed reply. The "LocB-LinuxIoT" should NOT be vlan'ed. It is programmed to use I've been trying to put the device into many of the ports that seems to be setup to be VID=1 ports, but none of them seems to be working. Could it be that there is some sort of "mismatch" in the setup…
  • Yes that would explain the problems we're seeing, but the thing is that the *only* way to change the IP-settings on this device is to use a RS232 and manually set it with some special hardware & software. This was done summer 2020 and it has been working fine up until spring/summer 2021 when someone changed the Zyxel…
  • Thank you for your reply and sorry for the confusion. The ones marked green = ping OK, the ones marked red = timeout, the ones marked grey = it is not possible to do a ping *from* this device (ie the LinuxIoT thing has no interface or telnet...or any other way to control it) Edit: So all devices can ping "LocB-LinuxIoT"…