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  • Make sure below things. 1. What is network topology? 2. Is there any device between NAS and router? Is double NAT network environment? 3. Go to Control Panel > Network > TCP/IP > Network Diagnosis, and ping out the host, what is the result? 4. Does router support UPnP? Go to Control Panel > Network > UPnP Port Mapping >…
  • Is there more information, description or steps to clarify this problem? What is the firmware version and its model name?
    in why? Comment by hola April 2020
  • Thank you for the great assistance. mdadm --create --assume-clean --level=5 --raid-devices=4 --metadata=1.2 --chunk=64K --layout=left-symmetric --bitmap=none /dev/md2 /dev/sda3 missing /dev/sdc3 /dev/sdd3 I got the error, it said need to use --grow?
  • # cat /proc/mdstatPersonalities : [linear] [raid0] [raid1] [raid10] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] md2 : inactive sda3[0](S) sdd3[4](S) sdc3[2](S) 11708660736 blocks super 1.2 md1 : active raid1 sdb2[5](F) sda2[0] sdd2[4] sdc2[2] 1998784 blocks super 1.2 [4/3] [U_UU] md0 : active raid1 sdb1[5](F) sda1[0] sdd1[4] sdc1[2] 1997760…
  • Dear @Mijzelf, Here I encountered the same problem, volume down (RAID 5), no option to repair and no accessible with my data. Is there any SOP commands help to repair my volume? :'(