kolkritan  Freshman Member


  • How do I find the /home/shares/ directory? I cannot see any "home" or "share" directory either when connecting through my FTP client, or when having my FTP client connected and then looking through the filesystem and shared folders on the web interface.
  • @Godzilla Correct. In addition, admin user: kolkritan CANNOT access "video" folder via FTP, when "video" folder has defined admin user: kolkritan with access right for that folder. I have done additional testing, and admin user: kolkritan follows the access rights given to the guest user: pc-guest account. 
  • No one has any ideas?
  • That is what I meant, yes. However, that issue seems to have resolved itself when I switched FTP client. The other issue, with the access I get when logging in using the administrator account being defined by the access rights given to the default "Guest" account ("pc-guest") still remains. That error is reproduced over…