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  • When I configuring WiFi, i was set the basic parameters: network name, security, output interface. Rest the configuration is default. I don't know if you meant these parameters: Band mode: 2.4G802.11 ban: 11b/g/nChannel width: 20MHzChannel selection: DCSOutput power: 30dBmDCS Client Aware enabled2.4Ghz channel selection:…
  • The client had 2 network adapters in the computer and there were 2 active connections. Routing problem. Removing the gateway from one connection resolved the problem. Thank you for your answer. I also followed your advice and disabled the LAN2 interface in POINT2 and changed its default address.
  • Now that I thought about it, I'm more interested in creating a Site-to-site tunneled connection to LAN 2 VPN. VPN currently works between LAN1-LAN1 networks. If I create a VPN Site to Site connection between LAN1 ( and LAN2 ( The connection will work, but only one way: from step 2 to 1 EDIT: I…
  • The topic from the first post is back. Today there is no internet point. As you can see, the update did not help to solve the problem. Surely, if he permanently enters the WAN address, the internet will return. I connected to the router and the WAN interface at DHCP got the strange address Changing the address…
  • It may surprise you, but I didn't know about this feature. Despite everything, thanks for the hint.
  • Today I updated the router with which I started the thread on the forum. The update went smoothly. As for the second rotuer - I suppose I must have lost my way at some point. The update is ok. Thank you very much mMontana for your help. Sorry, but I'm a novice user.
  • I have concerns about the latest firmware version. Today I installed the same USG20W-VPN router with version V4.33 (ABAR.0). Before configuration, I updated the router to 4.64 (ABAR.0) - the oldest available on the website. Then to 4.65 (ABAR.1). After setting up PPPoE, I set the IP address to LAN1 - and…
  • Yes, sorry this is the USG20W-VPN. Do you think that firmware update may be important here? There is some simple setting that I could have skipped? example forward wan to wan_ppp?
  • i have version: V4.33(ABAR.0) / 2019-01-09 17:32:53 I did not update
  • Do you know why I ask? There are a lot of network devices on every shop - payment terminals, internet services, etc. It must work well. That is why it is important to me how much the speed of the Internet will drop?
  • OK I understand. How significantly the speed of the Internet will decrease after creating this type of VPN connection. And, Am I able to do it on the USG20W-VPN model?
  • I don't want to share external addresses in the forum, but it looks something like this:
  • Thanks for the answer. If I understood the configuration correctly: Assuming home is my hub. I create Site-to-Site connections: HUB - SHOP HUB - SHOP2 HUB - SHOP3 Then, it uses the VPN Concentrator functions The next step is to create connections SHOP1 - HUB SHOP2 - HUB SHOP3 - HUB Question: if I don't need connections…
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