• today i got same problem even with newest firmware can't make web connection to the router even the telnet could not connected to the device, but wifi internet, everything works as normally, only web interface and telnet could not connected only powering off and on brings back working web interface
  • Today I received new firmware V1.00(ABCS.7)C0, I made update it, after then I reset the router and manually configured everything, even the dns setting where I found new agent:V1.00(ABCS.7)C0_myZyXELCloud-Agent_0.0.8 , will see how it will work and after then I report here. problem with network map after…
  • complete configuring from beginning not trough wizard, wan, lan, port forwarding nat, wifi, wifi guests, parrental, email,....
  • Yes of course I cleared cache and cookies too, I have tried it with latest chrome, firefox, opera, even edge browsers. After firmware update I have reset the router and manually configured again. I must turn off and turn on the router to get it working again and after then the log is gone.
  • I have Zyxel Armor Z2 NBG6817 router. But I am not satisfied with firmware support. Could be more often. In firmware I am missing option to send the routers log to my email.
  • I have too much: 500 - Internal Server Error when connecting trough wan web interface with firmware V1.00(ABCS.6)C0