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  • FYI, I got a second GS1900-24EP switch and it did the same 'log-out' trick. I uploaded the 270 patch 1 software to the new switch and it's now working just fine.
  • 72 hours later and all is still well. Thanks - Mark
  • I installed the updated software and 24 hours later I'm still able to connect correctly to the switch. It's working just fine and I'm not getting logged out. THANKS for the update. - Mark
  • Thanks, Adam. I put the newer firmware on the switch at about 12:30Z. (7:30 local). The upgrade went smoothly and all looks well. I'll post back with updates. - Mark 
  • One last follow-up. I went through each parameter and 'saved' each setting. My hope was to reset whatever ailed us. The only change I made was to set the inactivity timer to 30 minutes. I have verified that the inactivity timer triggers at 30 minutes. And, subsequent to this morning's power cycle, I have not seen any…
  • Here's a copy of the 'non-edit displays' that showed up again. I hit the page refresh button on the web page and it flipped back to the proper 'edit display' like so. (without logging back in)
  • I noticed something else. In an attempt to configure everything, I clicked through all of the menu items. At some point, the webpage started responding with 'non-edit displays' of the data. It was as if I had become a 'user', instead of an admin. After clicking about 10 items, the system logged me out and displayed the…
  • I took a look at the Javascript code and here's the reference to the 3 second (3000 millisecond) refresh time... function pageRefresh(){ document.getElementById('switchStatus').contentWindow.location.href = "/cgi-bin/dispatcher.cgi?cmd=257" window.setTimeout("pageRefresh();", 3000);}
  • Chris, there's something in the webpage that's triggering a refresh every 3 seconds. When I set the refresh rate to None or 30 seconds, the page still refreshes every 3 seconds. The data on the page (CPU usage) will respect the refresh data entered, (ie. it will not update the data, or it will update it every 30 seconds,…
  • Chris, I have sent you a DM with the Tech Support info from that switch, and here is a link to a video that I made. This shows the switch login, and then the immediate log-out. OneDrive Video
  • I was able to power cycle the switch and I can now access the web management system. I have verified that this is using V2.70(ABTO.0) software.
  • Chris, thanks for the message. I believe this is patch 0. I'm working remotely on that machine right now, and it still won't let me in. I'll need to visit the site later today to reboot the switch. And, since I can't get into the machine I can't get the tech support file until I reboot. The steps for me to reproduce are:…