• Hi, is there a risk that this happens? I also on V1.00(ABQY.6)C0
  • Thank you. Now just left for firmware is to solve: - no option to view SMS messages - no option to put device into router vs bridge mode, you have to use LAN to WAN- no option to manually change APN without error accepting the details "settings unsucessful"
  • any plans to get this web GUI with the LTE7490-M904:
  • 1. I have tried 1st and 2nd - both dont work2. APN: everywhere User:eesecure Pass:secure tried with all combos of authetencation and leaving user/pass blank - still doesnt work/save the values...
  • who on earth designed it like that?!!!!!!!!!! No reason to do it like this, especially when you could build in a hard block internet access if you wanted for security purposes....its odd that under wifi settings, for each client their is already an internet block toggle on or off!? Does anyone from Zyxel read these forums…
  • i have same issue, can Zyxel please advise why internet over 2.4ghz wifi doesnt work?
  • having the same issues. Via LAN, internet ok.Via WIFI, no internet. Is this a DHCP problem? I notice their is an "internet block" setting under connected wifi clients, but this is not on. Any way I can get internet access via wifi? All i want it for is to do speed tests on my phone to check speeds before final set up. I…
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