• A good test would be the NWA1302-AC. Last time I remember the app working, maybe better than before, but it still seemed hit or miss to get it to work. And I don't think there were any larger QR code labels provided, whether in or on the box or attached to the device. This is not necessarily a huge issue as I can of course…
  • BTW, this would still be a nice feature that I wish y'all would consider adding if possible: "It would also be nice to have a scheduler for LED lights. As an example, maybe in bedrooms, the customer would like to have the LED lights on during the day but not at night."
  • Ok. It's been awhile, but I think last time I used the app and a small QR code it did work better. I know some devices can't have a big label because of the size of the device. And I think that some devices may come with an extra label that's printed on separate documentation?? But it seems like some devices only had the…
  • Very cool. It Worked. Thank you!
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