• I witnessed a similar issue and I have, unfortunately, not found a solution yet. Please help me as well. :/
  • I think this will surely help you. Unplug the router and modem. Wait at least 30 seconds. Plug in the modem and press the power button to turn it on, if needed. Wait at least 60 seconds and then plug in the router. Press the power button to turn it on, if needed. Wait at least 2 minutes before testing or using the devices.…
  • Twonky is gone – out of business and “deprecated” even though it worked well and I miss it dearly on my EX2 and EX4100 NASes. I’m looking for something and I’ve gotten Plex – it works, but I don’t like it. Twonky was good for me because it allowed me to use the Windows directory structure to find stored movie files. :#
  • I am looking for the answer to the same question. I searched it manually and found the following result. To use ZyXEL zCloud app that supports Instant Upload capability from your mobile phones to ZyXEL NAS542, you can select multiple photo or video sources from your mobile phone, and then upload or backup those files…
  • Same happened to me. I have been trying to retrieve the list from the internet, I could not get the desired results. I am not sure what possibly could cause it. Please help me as well. :/