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  • I still have doubts about the implementation.

 I have made a diagram in case it is clearer.

Let's say I have two NAS and depending on which URL it comes from (it can come from WAN1 or WAN2), I want it to redirect the traffic to one or the other.

 For example:

if the connection comes from…
  • If windows and I use 4.0.4
  • the port I use is 11443.I get to connect and work for a while. the problem is that after a few minutes the securextender disconnects.
I am currently using 5.10. I have yet to update to 5.21, which is the one that tells me that it is currently available...
that's how it is.My local network on client computer is vpn network is and other networks within the vpn (already in the office) is 10.20.5 - 10.20.10 - 10.20.15 (I have several vlan's)
  • finally nothing...Please, could you consider including the lag mode in the atp200 model? I bought a 1920 switch and would like to use this function. Thank you.
  • I mention several ports because the problem of repeated ports occurs to me in several.
 Thank you all for your responses.WJS, thank you for your approach.The problem is that as I think you propose the solution, it is not a "balancing" between the 2 NAS, since one will provide a service and the other will provide another service.The question was that it was known where the request came from and…
The problem is that if you don't know where it comes from, you won't know where to redirect traffic ...
Hello again.Thanks for your answer. I understand your answer and would like to explain again.Let's say that the user from NAS1.COM will arrive at the Zywall yes or yes. Let's say I have a ddns and it solves. The question is WHEN I ARRIVE AT THE ZYWALL, it may be that I arrive by WAN1 or WAN2. The question is, no…
  • Hello.To me the same thing happens to me. It is a bit of a shame that in a product of this range with this price this option is not included (which arrived not long ago ...) Please, you should reconsider applying this function to the atp200. All the best.PhilippeBkk said: