• Update: I re-flashed the latest firmware , rebooted and was able to make a backup. However, after making some changes to the config and trying to make a backup the same 404 error appeared. Update 2: I have the same error now on one of the GS1900-24s (404 /tmp/running-config.cfg not found)
  • I have multiple Zyxel switches, mostly GS1900-24 running the same firmware version as the GS1900-48. From the same machine and browser I can make a backup on the GS1900-24s but not on the GS1900-48. I have tried on other browsers (IE6, IE10, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and other platforms (Windows 10, Windows 7, XP,…
  • Thanks for the suggestion but it does not work as it is not a client side issue. The error is reported by the web server on the switch itself (lighthttpd?). The file path it refers to (/tmp/running-config) is not a windows path but a unix style path (I presume that the zyxel OS is some derivative of Linux).