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  • Oh! that's great. Thanks for reminding me on this information.
  • Hi, Mijzelf That's what I would do on the next, to reset it and create a new one volume. Thank you for helping these days to save my data back finally. You are definitely my NAS Heroic Warrior. ....:) :)
  • Hi, Mijzelf It seems like I could not link the shared folder by network drive connecting after setup manual added. As a matter of fact, I could not access any folder on this new volume.
  • Hi,Mijzelf: I did all the command and found there is a scan action in GUI. After scanning, my volume is in a healthy status but I still could not access my shared folders. It seems like there are two duplicate share folders in my list and could not be deleted at old one. Does it mean I need to recreate all the share folder…
  • Hi, Mijzelf, I do reboot the device several times. Here is the output. Name : NSA325-v2:0 (local to host NSA325-v2) Creation Time : Wed Jan 1 20:36:18 2020 Raid Level : raid1 Raid Devices : 2 Avail Dev Size : 976244928 (931.02 GiB 999.67 GB) Array Size : 976244792 (931.02 GiB 999.67 GB) Used Dev Size : 976244792 (931.02…
  • Hi, I have backed up all the data on my USB drive and keep it in my safe. I did mount the other drive successfully. Then I input the array command, it shows "mdadm: invalid raid level: 2". And I change level 2 to level 1. It shows array started. The volume does show in my GUI but with Volume down.(The attachment) Here is…
  • Hi, Mijzelf and Happy New Year 2020!!! I follow your instruction and it seems like the copying is in progress. /mnt/attempt2/video # cat /proc/mounts | grep 'e-data'/dev/sdc2 /e-data/17964beb84e029e39aea525626386d22 tntfs…
  • Hi, Heroic Mijzelf, Yes, Yes, Yes. I could access my file and see the list. How could copy it to another USB drive? You are really a hero of my NAS.
  • Done. All command is executed. No other message is displayed. ~ # losetup /dev/loop1 -o 1048576 /dev/sdb2~ # mkdir -p /mnt/attempt2~ # mount -o ro /dev/loop1 /mnt/attempt2
  • Glad to hear my data is still here. I reboot it and try to mount it again following by your command. Here is my output. ~ # mkdir /mnt/attempt1 ~ # mount -o ro /dev/sda2 /mnt/attempt1mkdir /mnt/attempt2mount -o ro /dev/sdb2 /mnt/attempt2mount: you must specify the filesystem type~ # mkdir /mnt/attempt2~ # mount -o ro…
  • Yes, I didn't do extra action except unplugging the power and it made me buy a UPS to protect. After type these commands. ~ # mkdir /mnt/attempt1mkdir: can't create directory '/mnt/attempt1': File exists~ # mount -o ro /dev/sda2 /mnt/attempt1mkdir /mnt/attempt2mount -o ro /dev/sdb2 /mnt/attempt2mount: you must specify the…
  • Hi, Mijzelf Thanks for the instruction. After the table copy to sda2, I still could not find my volume from the GUI. Here is the command out. # cat /proc/partitionsmajor minor #blocks name 7 0 143360 loop0 8 0 1953514584 sda 8 1 514048 sda1 8 2 976245952 sda2 8 16 976762584 sdb 8 17 514048 sdb1 8 18 976245952 sdb2 31 0…
  • Hi, Mijzelf, here are my output. ~ # cat /proc/partitionsmajor minor #blocks name 7 0 143360 loop0 8 0 1953514584 sda 8 1 514048 sda1 8 16 976762584 sdb 8 17 514048 sdb1 8 18 976245952 sdb2 31 0 1024 mtdblock0 31 1 512 mtdblock1 31 2 512 mtdblock2 31 3 512 mtdblock3 31 4 10240 mtdblock4 31 5 10240 mtdblock5 31 6 48896…
  • May the force be with you, Multy!!!!!!!
  • That's quite helpful information. I don't even know high powered source would infect Wi-Fi interference. I put my home router next to two NAS storages. Would it be interfering, too?