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  • Alright and many thanks... i walk through and may test the commands... Feedback here will come...
  • Okidoki next steps...Thanks a lot for the help.I extracted(7zip) all the files to an FAT USB Stick.renamed "usb_key_func.sh.network_telnet_stop" to "usb_key_func.sh.2"Serial USB and putty connected and power on. so and then maybe something changes... i think it stopped before copying barebox...but then the bootloop started…
  • by the way... i found a putty version with extras... TFTP for example... and the handling is much easier IMO...http://www.extraputty.com/ 
 Good Evening Mijzelf,manny thanks for your Support. i got th file onto the NAS.But i have some problems... 1. gzip is not on Barebox/NAS Troubleshooting: unzip with 7zip on the Windowsmachine.Question: Is that a posible way? 2. cat nas540.mtd2.gz | gzip -d | nandwrite /dev/mtd2the command "nandwrite" doesnt exists...…
  • How to got this file to the NAS via serial connection...(install Solarwinds tftp, disable the windows FW or allow Port 69 - get the IP from the tftp-Server(my Laptop, cmd and ipconfig ->ipv4-Adress)put the files into the Folder on C:\TFTP-Root -> here gets tftp command from NAS the files on NAS/Barebox:1. command "dhcp" to…
  • next try... put in rescue usb sick from zyxel, put it in an boot from kernel 2... maybe reflashing? well i must solve the heat problem of the cpu. assembled in the case, there is a pad connected to the frame. and try it again...
OK... no usb missing... same behavior as before..
  • now i will tried the command bootm -n with the kernel 1/bootm -n /dev/nand0.kernel1.bb here the boot log from putty and this maybe interessting... Maybe OMV USB Stick is missing... i will try this with it and see what happens...
  • okidoki one more stepp... when i type "boot" in comand -> the following result: then i ound the command "bootm" in another post.the help told me:bootm with "-n" doesnt make a kernel check...-n do not verify the image (speeds up boot process) i type bootm -n /dev/nand0.kernel2.bb now LAN cable conected..after 45 sec the…
  • So my dear specialists:i got to the console with my adapter. My first log, only connected to serial port and power plug in: and then booting and booting... then i "hit any key to stop auoboot:" and here results with some commands: devinfo printenv so dear specialists, please help me to boot into stock rom. iam cured from…
  • allright, thanks for the links. i will read and look... I got the standard USB-Flash image from Zyxel support and tried a reflash. That didnt work, just a little bit excepted... I think the boot my not run into the right direction.So i will buy a serial cable and will log the first system steps and post it. so i bought…