• Hi @Freda, Org: GSC, Site: Ahrensburg. Admin support is on. There was no other user at the time of the testing. iMac Pro 14:7D:DA:27:E7:5E Ipad 92:B3:6C:94:55:8E Iphone B6:79:F1:AB:D7:B8 test was done Jan 31 at 9am Thanks!
  • Hi @Freda, Doing following test: distance to the AP 2.5-3m sign is partially blocked with a wall, partially its opened door. (Internet by ISP supposed to be 600/100 all measurements done one after another), devices at same place iMac Pro TX/RX 1170/780 - measured 432/112. (with ethernet cable 540/114) iPad Pro 2018 TX/RX…
  • Hi @Freda, I am using or associated app for speed test. unfortunately I don't find the information for "client connected link rate on AP client page", could you advise how do I look it up?