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  • Thanks for the quick response. I think my confusion is that so far i just share the entire volume as 1 share so there would be no difference between the share and the 'underlying' share. Does that sound right? Thanks again. ed
  • If I understand you correctly, by using the filebrowser in the NAS software the files would not pass thru the computer but transfer directly from one drive to the other. Not quite clear what you mean by the underlying share? Would that be enabled in Win Explorer or only in the Zyxel browser software? What would that look…
  • Now i tried restarting the machine and unable to access any of the shares - how do i get tech support for this device?
  • That does seem apparent from the way it was treated, but certainly does not seem either logical nor reasonable. But just now i tried changing the name of the share with all caps to one with some lower case and the result WAS that the mixed caps title appeared properly in Win Explorer. Wondering what the programmer was…
  • Thanks Ty - tried that without success. It gave me a list of the Netstat commands and when i tried again still no luck. Could someone at least tell me if the dialog is looking for my windows user password or a password specifically tied to the Zyxel??? (Question 1 in the OP)
  • Nope, sorry. If you really have some info related to this i could probably reproduce it by creating another user account but if just grabbing at straws not sure it is useful. thanks ed
  • Mijzelf - thanks for the info. I thought it might be something like that but i had tried the net sessions but it did not seem to solve the problem. I will experiment with the list sessions. Penny - I would say it occurs about 1/3rd of the time, although i sit at both computers all day and seldom do a restart so hard to say…
  • Hi Mel - attached are the ZYXEL control panel & File Browser showing the share names capitalized and the Windows Explorer window showing 1 Capped and not the other. Thanks for any additional input:Mijzelf - not sure I understand your suggestion. How would that lead to one Share name showing as capped and not the…