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  • Hi @TCL_Support I have PM you, please check your inbox. :)
  • Hi @ZeRicardo Welcome to Nebula Forum. B) We saw you created a ticket regarding this question through our technical support channel, we will reply you through ticket. After the case is clarified We'll update once more here in the post. 
  • 是的 B) 正如 @"張無忌" 所說 我們將設定保留,但管理平台會有功能上的差異。
  • 嗨 @Alvin 這邊再詳細說明一下 WPA2 驗證如果是使用 Pre-shared key,則不受 100 個使用者認證限制;如果是使用 WPA2-Enterprise ,且搭配雲端驗證方式,則會受此數量限制。
  • @"張無忌" 1. 在三個月到期後仍然可以透過雲端管理ap,此時會切換至免費雲端管理模式。如想繼續使用進階企業版功能,你隨時都可以購買授權來升級唷~ 2. 100個user認證限制不包含WPA2驗證的user,僅包括雲端驗證的使用者,此數量限制是以org為單位計算的 :) 詳細的雲端管理功能比較可以參考此連結 B)
  • Hi all Nebula Users, DMZ is a feature to create a public zone in your network so that you can put your public servers in that zone for public access. Its typical rule is to allow traffic from WAN & LAN, but disallow traffic from DMZ to LAN. Although currently you can’t find “DMZ” in NSG menu, you still can achieve it by…
  • Hi @4THETURTLES 感謝您的提供與協助! :) 根據您的Topology以及經過一番調查,NSW uplink port 為 Port 5,而我們在tech-support file中看到NSW uplink port發生多次 up/down 的log,如下: 183 2016-01-01 00:10:23 DE interface: Port 5 link up 184 2016-01-01 00:10:17 NO stp: STP topology changes 185 2016-01-01 00:10:16 DE interface: Port 5 link down 186 2016-01-01 00:10:00 NO…
  • 嗨 @4THETURTLES 歡迎來到Nebula論壇! :) 全新的 NSW100-28 在連上網路後會先執行韌體升級,設備會進行下載與安裝韌體,此時請保持網路連線。如果設備沒有完成下載與安裝韌體的話,會導致無法在 NCC 上顯示 上線。 想請您提供詳細的 Topology (包括連接埠) 以及 NSW100-28 上的 log,我會私訊與您聯繫,協助您提供相關檔案。 
  • Hi @SNC You miss to select DHCP to DHCP Server, then you will see DHCP Option there. :)
  • Thanks for @CrazyTacos and @ITPro. It seems to be a similar way to realize DMZ on NSG at this stage. However, I have raise a post for DMZ in the Idea section for @FrankIversen and someone who need DMZ on NSG. Link is here, https://businessforum.zyxel.com/discussion/992/dmz#latest you can hit Like :+1: to support.
  • Hi @SNC Yes! Of course! You can follow the path below to set up on USG. * Log in USG local giu, and go to Configuration > Network > Interface > Ethernet tag * Double click USG LAN to edit. * Select the DHCP as DHCP Server, and click Show Advanced Settings on the top left. * Click Add in the Extended Options block to add…
  • Hi Someone who need Active/Passive mode, At this stage, Active/Passive mode is not available on NSG, and if any assist needed, please PM @Nebula_Chris for this request. :)
  • Hi @UCO_Support and @TCL_Support Besides, at this moment, you can manage your traffic through Global bandwidth limit, or you can have voice vlan to have the higher priority for voice packet, there is one post for you to reference.https://businessforum.zyxel.com/discussion/769/voice-vlan
  • Hi @UCO_Support and @TCL_Support, Welcome to Nebula Forum! B) Currently on NSG, we have traffic shaping to restrict bandwidth for Uplink configuration and Global bandwidth limit. The default priority of Guaranteed Bandwidth for Down and Up is set to 4. In the section of Global bandwidth limit, you can set it for a specific…
  • Hi @TCL_Support There is a clear description of our mechanism on NSG for you, At this stage, NSG can only detect physical down, so when you enable both WAN, and then when WAN1 goes down (cable unplugged), all traffic will be switched to WAN2, and when WAN1 is recovered (cable plugged), all traffics will be shared with both…