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  • Hi raufozturk, are you having this issue since the beginnig or is it something related to the latest firmware ?
  • Hi smkjones, I've tested 2FA emails on SSL VPNs using a Flex 200 and it works as expected, firmware 5.36 ABWD.1. Didn't work using the previous firmware I know that It's not very helpful but I gave it a try Regards
  • My Flex 700s are running since 5 days and didn't have any issue so far.
  • You're welcome
  • Hi USG_User, It may mostly depends on how many simultaneous users are connecting to the firewall via SSL VPNs and 2FA usage. I've also have a Flex 700 with 23 ssl vpn users configured and very few of them (no more than 3) connecting simultaneously that works fine with 5.36. The affected Flex 700s are having heavy ssl VPNs…
  • Same here, Firmware V5.36(ABWD.0)ITS-23WK17-0504-230401495D, which Zyxel gave me for testing, it's now running since 4 days and I didn't have any issue so far. It has been testing with more than 15 SSL VPN users connected Agor
  • I can too confirm that seems to be strictly related to SSL VPN and 2FA emails confirmation. I hadn't any issue, so far, on another Flex 700 with no remote users configured and fw
  • hello again Andreas, I've been contacted by Zyxel_Cooldia and he told me that I'll receive a new firmware to test by tomorrow. He also told me that they found out a possible issue with 2FA which should be related with this case. I also don't have an USB-to-RS232 cable right now Agor
  • Hi AndreasZyxel, I've tried the latest weekly firmware but still no luck! Same issues here.
  • Thanks !
  • Thanks Huba and lytespeed as well everybody else who joined the thread. I ran some tests all over the weekend and found out that having an high number of remote vpn users makes the firewall crash on 5.36. As wrote before, no issue on 5.35. I can also confirm that 2FA emails are not being sent to the users but at the same…
  • Having remote workers connected seems to make the issue worse. I'm saying this because I also manage some Flex 200 and 500 having no issue on V5.36 but no one is remotely connected. Flex700 with remote workers connected crashes after few hours on v5.36. No issue on v5.35. It's definitely a firmware problem. As I wrote…
  • Hi Zyxel_Cooldia, we have been forced to downgrade to the previuos firmware version (V.5.35) due to the stability issue. I'm in an office with more than 200 employees and working using a firewall that crashes every 3-4 hours was merely impossible. The previous version works fine, never had a problem so far. But I guess…
  • Unfortunatly, we had to perform a downgrade of our FLEX 700s to the previous release (V5.35), manual reboot needed every 2-3 hours. Now, we're a little bit concerned about the security issue which affects the firmware 5.35, could somebody from Zyxel please help ? Agor
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