• It's the Network discovery side, where it will show all computers and devices on the network which have shares. If I put back SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support , it then works, but Win11 etc as you know, that should be disabled now, hence going to SMB2. Is it possible SMB2 on the NAS hasn't worked?
  • Got a strange problem after removing SMB1, I can no longer see any Computers or devices in the Network blue folder. I can still see Media devices and other devices, but no Network blue Icons?
  • I managed to get around it by doing this /opt/bin/opkg update I did get an error later and how do I know if it is working? root@NSA325-v2:/home/shares# /opt/etc/init.d/S09ZyXELSambaReplacement start Stopping Samba daemons: nmbd smbd. mv: cannot stat `/opt/var/lock/*': No such file or directory
  • Still a newbie and don't understand the Install. All I get is this
  • I am on Win11 and would still like to use this NAS for some media. I had enabled SMB1 on the PC I presume as I can access this NAS, but I do have a new NAS, just thought, rather than letting this 2TBx2 sit there, I'll still make use of it. Probably not worth selling it as it old now despite having the disc and box still.…
  • Is this working now? Is this update needed and is it possible to only have the NAS to be seen on internal network only? I mean, is the risk that the NAS can be connected to from the Internet? Trying to figure out, what are the risks with not doing it or is it more of the case, my Windows PC will be vulnerable?
  • That was what my question was about. I don't understand where you make the changes? Can it be done in Windows connected to the NAS? Do I edit files and how?
  • Is it still down? I can't also connect to that forum?
  • If you didn't manage to find it, I have the original disc and also backups of the utility and fw.
  • Did you find them? I was going through backups recently and found my folder with my files.
  • Is there tutorial on how to do this? I don't get where you get the files from and how and what you access to start the process?
  • Use the Starter utility to see if you can see it. or Open your browser and go to to discover your NAS
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