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  • Hello here is the link for password reset, you may try it.!viewDetail.action?articleOid=014630&lang=EN
  • Hi mlml139, The procedure as below, Step 1 Set PC IP: Setp 2 Set console rate: 115200 Step 3 Power up SBG. Press any key to CFE mode Setp 4 Go to Update Software web page via Step 5 Click "選擇檔案" to select firmware (XXXXX.bin) Step 6 Click "Upgrade Software" to upgrade SBG
  • Hi @Sparky4460 Just set up DHCP server on vlan interface, instead of physical ethernet interface. As for wireless dedicated to the VLAN subnet, go to Configuration > object > AP profile > SSID list > Vlan support set to "on" and set up vlan ID on this page.
  • Hi, oh, i think you are talking about walled garden function. as i know, it supoprt on hotspot module.
  • As i check on my device, the address object does not support FQDN on ZyWall/USG series(V4.25), Not sure will it support in the future. I think we can inquiry on USG forum
  • Hi, Linke as below, just use "default-web-portal", it have welcome URL. Hope it's helpful for you. Regards, Lalaland
  • Hi, http redirect service is for web proxy server scenario. not this case. if you want redirct specific URL after connecting to WiFi. Web Authentication is needed in this scenario, it can set up welcome URL on web Authentication. Regards.
  • It looks like backup process generate a large amount of traffic. Is it working fine if you setup BWM for those backup traffic?
  • @Marco For this scenario, it need to add policy route on both Site 1 and Site 2, configuration as below, Site 1: incoming interface = any, src ip =any, dst ip =, service=any, next hop type = VPN tunnel. <= Routing back to site 2 incoming interface = VPN tunnel, src ip =, dst ip =any ,…