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  • You can refer to this article to download your file. https://kb.zyxel.com/KB/searchArticle!gwsViewDetail.action?articleOid=014952&lang=EN
  • Do you try to stop the activating NAS utility from the background process on your Mac? You can open the browser and type http://nas326/ it should lead you to the web interface of your NAS, or you can also check the IP of NAS from your Router, and type the IP address on the browser, it should be work too. 
  • Have you try to reset or reboot your NAS to bring the Server back?
  • I don't understand what is your question about...can you explain more?
  • I think it is hard to define if it is a flaw due to the device was purchased more than ten years ago. If the device was just bought for a few days than it might be a flaw. But for a ten-year-old device......it's really hard to tell that just for my opinion.
  • Hi,I did a test by an Android phone with version Android 10, and the issue didn't happen in my test. I set my router as yours to the factory default but changed the SSID and password. I also noted that the firewall rule is empty when it's default, so there should be nothing to block the Google play store in default. Did…
  • Hi,Would you test it by putting the PLA5256 and PLA5236 on the same extension cord to avoid the interference of the powerline?Otherwise, did you test the speed via the wired connection of PLA5236?You can also check the HOMEPLUG LED for the data transfer rate.
  • Hello, What's the behavior when the wireless issue happened? Is the client/station disconnected from the AP or it can connect on AP but there's no Internet? I am using the WPA2-PSK and it's no problem for connection, so did you change the password of the SSID to test if it's workable?
  • Hi,I did a test as your description and not happen the same issue. Just curious that is the issue happened on wireless or wired? If it's on wired, is it the same if you connect a computer to the router/gateway directly?Was there any other device in the network downloading files when you did the test?
  • Hi, I used a PLA5206 and PLA5456 to do paring and it's successful, however, I didn't do it successful at the beginning because my PLA5206 is in standby mode and flashing the power LED every slowly. You can try again by following steps: 1. Reset both PLA5206 and PLA5456 to default. 2. Connect the traffic on both PLA5206 and…
  • Hi, I got the same problem as yours, however, it seems no problem when I paired the PLA5256 first and then paired PLA5236. Here are steps for your reference.1. unplug the PLA52362. Press RESET/ENCRYPT button until the HOMEPLUG LED become red to set the PLA5256 to factory default.3. Press RESET/ENCRYPT button 0.5 to 3…
  • Could you provide the screenshot of how you configure FTP port on NAS and port forwarding on router? As I know, port 23 is for telnet and I'm not sure if there is any problem to configure like that.
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  • Sorry for the unclear question, I mean the log on filezilla. Also, did you change FTP port on NAS? How you configure the port forwarding on your router? Any error code when login fail?
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  • Did you configure port forwarding on your router? What kind of software you use? Is there any log on it?
    in FTP NAS326 Comment by ENDLESS May 2020
  • I have the same device with the latest firmware. But, I don't have these issues Maybe you can use SMART to check disks' status to verify it is healthy