• for anyone keeping track, here is a (likely incomplete) list of ports that are not forwardable because they are "reserved for system use": 53 (DNS)67 (DHCP/BOOTP)80 (HTTP)443 (HTTPS; available if HTTPS web interface changed to something else)8080 (HTTP; common for proxy)8088 (HTTP; common for proxy)
  • So, just to confirm my suspicions, I quickly put a Linux VM together and tested setting it as the "NAT Server" - i.e. the DMZ system. According to the manual: However, not all "ports that are not specified in the port forwarding summary table" are forwarded. This apparently does not apply for any of its "reserved" ports.…
  • G1 has this issue too. Having the ability to make the web interface accessible from the WAN side of the router is a terrible idea. That is just asking to be hacked. Just eliminate that and 80 would no longer need to be "reserved for system use".
  • Lovely. I really don't need anything that elaborate. Hell, I had a 8 year old Dell desktop running Linux as my router for two months before I settled on the G1, because it (seemingly) met my needs without spending a small fortune. I suppose that even if I set another system as the NAT system, 80 wouldn't get forwarded,…