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I have an Armor G1 and am trying to configure port forwarding for web services, but don't seem to be able to forward port 80, and can only forward port 443 if I change the web management interface to some other port (e.g. 9443).  When I try to add 80 as a rule, I get an error/warning message "The port was reserved for system use."  There doesn't seem to be an option to change the HTTP port for the web management interface.

I understand that the router listens on port 80 and redirects to 443 for the web management interface, but that is on the LAN interface.  Who would make their router management interface externally accessible?  That is a terrible idea.

Is there really no way to forward port 80 on this device?  I really need to forward both 80 & 443.

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    The G5 has the same problem I guess zyxel thinks if your going to be running port 80 you would buy there USG products then use a home router but still its wrong you can't port forward 80.
    Allow Armor G5 to make port forwarding from Armor G5's port 80 — Zyxel Community
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    Lovely.  I really don't need anything that elaborate.  Hell, I had a 8 year old Dell desktop running Linux as my router for two months before I settled on the G1, because it (seemingly) met my needs without spending a small fortune.

    I suppose that even if I set another system as the NAT system, 80 wouldn't get forwarded, since it's "reserved for system use".  Pretty lame considering any 50€ WiFi router on Amazon can do it out of the box.

    Thanks for the feedback
  • Eric_C
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    So, just to confirm my suspicions, I quickly put a Linux VM together and tested setting it as the "NAT Server" - i.e. the DMZ system. 

    According to the manual:

    However, not all "ports that are not specified in the port forwarding summary table" are forwarded.  This apparently does not apply for any of its "reserved" ports.  Port 80 will still not forward to a manually designated Server.

    So, I cannot even work around its shortcoming.  I guess I send it back and put my Linux box back in place and find another router that properly serves my needs. 😕
  • Eric_C
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    for anyone keeping track, here is a (likely incomplete) list of ports that are not forwardable because they are "reserved for system use":

    53  (DNS)
    67  (DHCP/BOOTP)
    80  (HTTP)
    443 (HTTPS; available if HTTPS web interface changed to something else)
    8080  (HTTP; common for proxy)
    8088  (HTTP; common for proxy)

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    To access the internal server, you can use other port on wan to do the port forwarding/NAT.
    You can set up other ports on wan, so you can access the port on wan to access your internal server.

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