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  • Oh ok. So what do i do. I setup again all (dame) lan/wan ips in expert mode and will work?
  • Wehn i go to security servce wizard and try to add Client addrss in filter exemrpion list i get the error
  • V4.33 (AAKZ.0) 2019-01-09 17:34:50 In easy mode in network client althougj i have devices connected (lan and wireless) i see notging
  • Have tried and is a bit not that straight fwd to me as was the CISCO setup
  • Thanks. You havent define port type, tcp/udp most propably will be any but i am confused with port numbers. I need to use the 50000 -50011 as these come from my Divar and also use the 443 porr external whichb is secure. Why do you also use a range i.e 5390-5399 Do I also need to go to ,security, to setup something?
  • Guys I do not know how but now it is working fine.. Thanks all for your help. Greatley appreciated
  • Thanks Christian for your time. Please note that i have disable NAT and have a static IP. Curtently i have only two cables connected. One in wan drom internet router and one in lan4 which goes ro my laptop. I attach latest internet router setup and zylex setup. My laptop has internet through zylex but the zylex wyzard gets…
  • I have taken ZYLEX to office where I was able to continue setup. I have brought it back home however when I try testing 'test internet, it fails again. My PC is connected to LAN1 port 2 and internet is fine. But when i try running wizard seup or test internet in dashboard, it fails!!! I ping internet router and replies…
  • Guys thank you but nothing seems to work. I have connected pc with zylex in lan4 and internet router in wan1. I have also changed ip to avoid conflict. My pc gets connected with internet but zyxel does not connect in internet and setup does not continue. Is there any other way to avoid setup and get directly into zyxel…