• I am trying to do this also and getting the same response.
  • ZyWALL keeps some logs before it reboots.If the device reboots abnormally, you may download diag-info to check if there is any core file generated after device crashed. If yes, it means device crashed. Please forward this issue to ITS system But if there is no such core file, you may check if last logs exist on the USG.…
  • A WAN IP address is your public or global IP address. Your computer uses this to access the internet via the wide area network
  • You can currently download the firmware on our FTP server:
  • Active Directory services require you to license each of your users or groups (and associated members) for that service. Only users with active licenses will be able to access and use the licensed Azure AD services for which that's true. Licenses are applied per tenant and do not transfer to other tenants.
  • That would explain why the FTP transfer from Windows fails, but not why the cameras fail. I will try to disable the firewall on the