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  • Hi @Nebula_Barney Ok I will check that. I have seen that in the client view of Nebula, the Download and Upload have some few MB of data, but in the AP view, the same AP (Garage) has 0 byte usage. Could that be? What do you thin about the positioning of the V2? Is there any suggestion from Zyxel for best performance because…
  • Hi @Nebula_Barney * I have set the radio from Buero to 5dBm * Positioned the smartphone directly on the Garage AP Result: * Smartphone was connected to the Garage AP as expected via 5GHz with signal strength -32dBm This was the setup during the test: The uplink signal with -74 dBm is because of the Buero AP settings of…
  • Hi @Nebula_Barney Thanks for the reply. Please find below the screenshot. It looks, that everything should be correct (the red "Buero" is ok, because not connected)? 
I have to WLAN (main and guest) and my client (smartphone) was connected to the main net. I have streamed a YouTube Video when the smartphone was…
  • @Nebula_Barney May I kindly ask you for a feedback to the post above? In the meanwhile I've installed the setup above and have seen, that the second -AC v2 which is only a repeater and not connected to Ethernet, does not have any connection to the WiFi. I see it in Nebula by the way. It has as well another colored symbol…
  • One last question to you @Nebula_Barney: Is it possible to have following devices in the Nebula Cloud...* 2x NWA1123AC-HD * 2x NWA1123-ACv2 ... and to set NWA1123-ACv2 in MESH mode and NWA1123AC-HD in NORMAL mode because they do not support Mesh yet? If yes it is possible, this will be the steps: SITE-WIDE > General…
  • Ok, thank you very much for clarification @Nebula_Barney.
  • Hi @Nebula_Barney No I am confused. Is it now possible to setup the system as I want with NWA1123-AC HD and NWA1123-ACv2 as repeater or not? If not what would be the better solution for extend the range of the Wi-Fi with NWA1123-AC HD + additional device instead of NWA1123-ACv2 ? Many thanks
  • Thanks for the info @Nebula_Barney with the Smart Mesh, I will check that out.

 Could you elaborate little bit more what you mean with that?