• @Zyxel_Kay, At about 09:09 Eastern, updates were completed via Ethernet. After unplugging, the AP transitioned to Wireless Repeater much quicker than previously. This occurred about 09:12 Eastern. I’ll monitor and update providing any updates along the way Thank you. -James
  • My apologies, as it was late for me to reply. Yes, I am GMT -5. Sorry for the confusion. Any time between 00:00 and 03:00 local time is acceptable. 
  • @Zyxel_Kay You can schedule the install anytime from 00:00hrs and 03:00hrs Eastern (GMT +5) tonight if you are available. Thanks! James
  • Kay, support request is open. I manually rebooted / moved AP to a different location to see if connected devices operated better. FW version: V6.29(ABYW.1) Org: Chesterfield Site: Home thank you. 
  • It seems that following this process, brings the AP back to an operational status:1) Plug in Ethernet2) Wait for AP to come on-line3) Wait for 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz radio's to turn on4) Unplug Ethernet5) Wait for AP to fall back to Wireless Uplink Not sure if the wireless radio's are turning on early enough to create a…
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