• I thought it was making sense to invest in an expensive router, choose Zyxel . Worse ever, so many dropouts, internet hanging and latency issues. Waste of my money.
  • Thank you, the Air APP is working now 👍 for the records, the QR codes on the back of the NR5101 Router is not pushing the login when used, manual login (admin/password) is only option working, but at least I was able to login.... After launching the Air APP, I noticed the speed test function in the App is not supported the…
    in NR5101 Comment by Karma13 December 2022
  • I have a similar problem, I used the Zyxel mobile app to register the NR5101 model. However, when accessing the MyZYXEL portal on a desktop I can see the device (NR5101) is not registered? Questioning if the mobile app(s) is synchronising in real-time? I can also see from the Device Management UI interface that a firmware…
    in NR5101 Comment by Karma13 December 2022
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