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  • @CHI 1. Please take screenshot of the Internet Status page
(internet > Internet Status), as the following image shows. 

I would like to know the general signal level and the Internet
Connection Method setting. 




2. When the LTE4506 disconnects from the Internet,…
  •  @CHI 

1. How often does the LTE disconnection happen? Is there any
pattern, for example, every hour? 

2. Does it help if you configure the Cellular Network Mode
(Internet > Internet Status) to “3G Mode”? 


3. Please take screenshot of the Internet Status page
(internet >…
  • @renix You can refer the user guide as below:
    in voip? Comment by MMrr December 2017
  • Zyxel just released new APP for Multy X, you can give it a try.
  • Did you try to reset the device? I suggest to remove the HDD then reset all setting in your NSA325.
  • @bluejeros Can you find the 4 units in following list? You can try to config the same network name for your 4 PLA5256. tool:
  • @Zxt I checked the user guide of VMG1312-B10A, the steps as below: user guide:
  • @healyshen Did you try to reset the device?
  • @marty What's the FW version? Do you mean you need VMG8324-B10A to assign IP for LAN devices? (your clients will get IP as 192.168.1.X) VMG8324-B10A can get internet from WAN port and provide it to your device with LAN 1-LAN 4.
  • @FreemanJJ Seems the forum register is based on product category(user group).myZyXELcloud portal is only for consumer products, and myZyxel portal provide services for business customers, the two portals are working with devices long time ago, therefore I think it is one of the design reasons of Zyxel.
  • @panaef Mesh is new WiFi technology for steering,NBG6515 and NBG6816 are traditional wireless routers,therefore they are different technology,you may consider MiMi's suggestion.
  • @Maddog265 You can check it any router's subnet mask as in your network, If yes, then try to change the subnet mask of router. If not, you can try to reset your VMG device.
  • @MrMayerArt69 WAP3205v3 has Wizard setup feature, you can follow the steps to finish it. You can find the UG of WAP3205v3 as below: And your Denon X1000 should work with LAN1~LAN5 after finish setup WAP3205v3.
  • @PJM I got FW from Zyxel support team in 2016, maybe you can try it, you can check your inbox message.
  • @xeres The repeater mode only forward packet and extend WiFi coverage, so your router assign IP for all clients even your computer connect with WiFi of ARMOR X1. You can try to set the IP of ARMOR X1 as "Get from DHCP Server" then try to restart your router, if it doesn't work, then I suggest to check the router.