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  • I hope this didn't go stale -- I literally just shut off the SSL because I am sick of hearing the complaints but I want to get this fixed. My prior set-up was a Fortigate which uses the same system settings and I didn't have any issues with that one . 
  • Looks like this is certainly an issue with Zyxel and not our ISP's 
  • If you attempt to visit a website like you will have to wait as if it were dial-up. As of ONE MONTH Zyxel has not logged into my USG-200 even though I gave them full access to it. Here is the funny part --- one of the headquarter spots of Zyxel is literally 9 miles away from my location in Anaheim. The tech…
  • SECOND UPDATE: End users complaining about slow loading pages again. Disabled SSL and left the content filtering on. Back to normal again. Still needs to be repaired 
  • Is that with your SSL turned on too?
  • UPDATE TO ISSUE: Changed Certificate Key to ECDSA-RSA-102 and turned off Custom Service in Security Profile I did this three hours ago and so far have not heard anything from the end users about page loading slow.
  • I have read other forums that this is an issue with Zyxel new firmware. I am 12 days from a return as I never experienced this using a Fortigate device. My first encounters with Zyxel have not been good ones and I was told so many good things about them. 
  • Is this the right key configuration?
  • 1-Seems after the page is cached, it opens fine the next time 2- As soon as SSL is activated in the Security Policy it slows down the page loads 3- NO it's off 4- 8000
  • 1- USG 200 V4.62(ABUI.0) / 2021-01-19 11:22:24 2- Speed test is done with standard online speed test pages like Spectrum internet speed test but that isn't the issue. The issue is that it takes forever for the pages to load under SSL inspection 3- The throughput doesn't change. That portion is fine 
  • UPDATE: Created a new certificate and installed on end-users. Same results -- slow internet loading on all SSL pages 
  • 1-usgflex200 2-V4.62(ABUI.0) / 2021-01-19 11:22:24 3-I created a second one but am using the default one for now CN=usg_flex_200_BCCF4FCF1B5CValidation Result=self-signed 
  • I really need this fixed. End users are angry and I can't do content filtering without it
  • What a giant turd of a device this is -------- right not of the box it does a firmware update then takes you to a wizard page. Then I get the same thing the rest of you are getting ... this idiotic, blank page. Took a trip all the way to my clients place to find out this thing doesn't work properly.